Extended Service Plan

Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan - Protect your bike, Protect yourself.

Our Extended Service Plan also gives you something that's even more valuable than your bike -- peace of mind. And the best part is that repair costs are "locked-in" without even a deductible for the repairs. Now that's a good deal.

Protecting yourself has never been easier with an extended service plan (ESP).

  1. What to do in the event of a mechanical breakdown: Use all reasonable means to protect your motorcycle from further damage resulting from continued operation.

  2. Return your motorcycle to the selling dealer to determine the problem and cause of failure. If this is not possible, call the Service Center.

  3. Before having repairs performed under the terms of this contract, make sure you or the repair facility has received authorization from the Service Center.

So don't take a chance with one of your most valued possessions. We'll make it easy for you by including your ESP in your Harley-Davidson® Credit loan. That way you only pay pennies a day, but you are protected by a plan that's priceless.

Ask us about getting the Extended Service Plan for your new or used bike. Call Sales at 877-954-8181.

* See contract for details.


Coverage throughout North America

You're protected wherever you travel in North America. Covered repairs can be made at any authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer throughout the United States and Canada, and only Genuine Harley-Davidson® Parts will be used.*

Repair Costs are "Locked In"

All you will ever pay is the standard $50 deductible per visit for covered repairs. Plus, there's no deductible for any breakdown of a covered part that was previously repaired or replaced under the terms of the Extended Service Plan. For extra peace of mind and protection, radio, saddlebags, sidecar, CB radio, and more are covered under the Touring Package.*

Resale value is protected

If you sell your motorcycle, the Extended Service Plan can be transferred to the new owner at no cost; that's right, for free!*

Travel Protection

If you are stranded far from home, reimbursements are provided for rental vehicles, pickup charges, lodging, and meals.*

Your Responsibility

Simply maintain your motorcycle according to the service maintenance schedule shown in your owner's manual and you will be covered for the failure of any covered component due to defects in the material or factory workmanship.*

Payment Options

Pick the way you want to pay for this valuable protection. You can even include it in your Harley-Davidson® Credit & Insurance motorcycle financing.

Total Coverage on Accessories

* Contact our Sales staff for payment options.